Introducing Best Product Tracker In The Universe


We are very excited to introduce our PRODUCT TRACKING TOOL which is undoubtedly the best product tracker in the universe.

Our Tool is the BEST TRACKER TOOL made ever as it enables you to know exact stock of any product and its sales. Also most importantly we have bypassed some of biggest hurdles of product tracking such as 999 and product order limitation which is quite a major issue on Amazon India.

Few highlights of our PRODUCT TRACKER-

1. Bypass 999

It was not at all possible to track the products having over 1000 inventory but we have now made it possible with this all new TRACKING.

2. Bypass Order Limitation

On Amazon India most of FBA products have order limitation. We have made possible to track these products too which have order limitation which is not at all possible otherwise.

3. Track Buy Box Owner

With this tracking tool you can 犀利士
discover who owns the buy button for a particular product on a particular day and their inventory in case of the products having multiple sellers. Also, we provide data whenever the buy button holder is being switched by amazon.

4. Day to day update

Our tracker provides you daily figures for sales and stock. This data you can further use for analyzing how well that product is selling on amazon.

5. Easy to understand

Interactive and customized Graphical Representation which is very easy to understand and even can be customized according to your requirements.

6. Export & Print

As per your requirement you can export the data into EXCEL, JPEG & CSV format which can be printed as well.

We are very excited to launch the same on next Thursday, 26th April 2018. Stay tuned for a daily updates this week
see you tomorrow.

AMZ Blast Team! ?

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