How much you Need to Invest to Start your Online Business in 2021?


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Now, when you are eager to start your business online. Then, don’t worry about investment because an online occupation can be started from a few thousand to lakhs.

The amount initially required for the launch of an online enterprise is actually dependent on the type it. So, in the present condition if you are confused about what kind of work you should have to start with?

Then you are in the right places where you can find the answers to all your queries.

What you get after reading this post?

  • A good idea for opening an online business.
  • Investment needed for establishing it.
  • How much revenue and profit you can generate with it?
  • And, up to how much level it can be expanded?


So, if you not decided yet that what to do? Or, you are here with an idea in your mind? In both cases, we will reveal a Millenial concept.


Selling Online on E-Commerce Platforms (like Amazon) :

If we initiate with a really good online business plan then definitely selling is not a bad option.

Even it can make you a millionaire or billionaire if you are following the right tactics and strategies.

As we are seeing nowadays that the trend of buying goods online is drastically increased. People’s buying behavior had now changed with time. They are preferring the digital markets rather than the traditional markets.

And also, these days the threat of COVID has severely impacted the customer’s buying pattern. They are now shifted towards fewer contact deliveries.

As a result, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms noted an exponential growth of 25%-30% in their sales.


“ A wise man is the one who can change the challenges to opportunities.”


So, this is the only time in which you can also make a share of overall profit by being an early bird.


Investment Needed to Start this Online Selling Business:

Well, now finally this is the period when we are at the core part of this post. If we talk about the investment required for online selling, so it is dependent on the kind of selling you want to do.

The minimum investment that is required to begin the online business is 10,000 INR.

The detailed investment amount discussion is given below:

 1)    10,000 to 30,000 INR

The person who can invest this sort of amount in their online selling business. They can start with the Manufacture Brand or Retail arbitrage.

All you have to do is purchase same brand of product and list it on amazon with less price.


What is Manufacture Brand or Retail Arbitrage?

 When the seller sells the general product to the customers by buying in bulk (100-200 pieces) from the manufacturer and selling directly on the e-commerce platforms.


Here’s a video to understand you better :



2)    30,000 to 50,000 INR

When the investor is ready to invest the above-given amount then he/she can start with the Generic or Neutral Brand. List your product on amazon by posting your Brand name as Generic or Nill. 


 What is Generic or Neutral Brand?

When the seller start selling the products after buying in bulk (100-200 pieces) with their own label by attaining the authorization from the manufacturer.


Here’s a video to understand you better :


3)    50,000 to Lakhs INR

If your plan is for high investment then you can move with the private label brand.


What is a private label brand?

This is like creating your own brand for any certain product(s). Obviously, its procedure is long and complex but it can end you with a high profit.


Here’s a video to understand you better :

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Note: The different amount of investment is only related to the profits you gain (i.e the lesser profits for less investments and higher for the large investments.)


Revenue and Profit after Starting Online Business:

There is not any certainty about the amount of revenue you can earn after the investments. Your profits depend on the many conditions like the product you choose, the cost price of the product, the market of the product, the ranking of the product.

For Example: If you invested 10,000 – 30,000 INR then you can easily able to earn approx 30,000 – 60,000 INR after 3-4 months of time.


How much you can expand your Online Business?

Well, I don’t think that this question has any certain answer. After starting, when your business starts making profits then you can scale and expands it accordingly. If you have initiated it with the lower investments that you can increase your capital with time. And if you entered in the private labeling then you can easily expand your product line either horizontally or vertically.

Rest, if we talk about the potential of this business the there are thousands and of people in the world that are now millionaires by doing it.

Training, Aid or Help:


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 So, this is the time when you should have to take the action otherwise again you will miss this golden opportunity. Take the benefit of the first mover and become the fast mover.


“ Nothing is  more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

  • Jackson Brown Jr
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