Keyword Research Tool – A powerful tool to fetch relevant keywords for your products


Keywords play essential part of your marketplace business specially when we talk about amazon. Every buyer who lands on amazon uses these keywords to find desired product reason why it became really very important to know how buyers are reaching to your product or similar products and what are the keywords they are using.

Understanding of your main and other relevant keyword is essential part of your product listing process. These keywords are like pathway which guide potentials buyers to your listing which can further result to convert to sells.

We at AMZ Blast have worked to developed one of most advance keyword research tool which is fully integrated with multi-tier keyword system. Here are the main features of our Keyword Research Tool

  • Finding keywords directly from Amazon
  • Digging upto 3 tiers of keywords
  • Able to fetch all suggested keywords of amazon
  • Fully updated as we accessing direct data.

You can use this tool to complete number of tasks but two main task that can be done using it are

  1. Finding products for your niche
  2. Finding list of keywords for your product for listing
  3. Promotion strategy using keyword

Here we have two videos to further assist you.

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