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AMZ Blast has already updated you with a series of changes to be launched this week and today We are happy to introduce you to our another tool which we call “CHROME EXTENSION”

Once you have shortlisted the product using our PRODUCT RESEARCH TOOL then this CHROME EXTENSION is the best way to find competition which is really very important before launching the product to ensure that there will be more profit.

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This allows you to –
1.    Know about your Competitors – using Chrome Extension you can easily know about the number of competitors presently selling the product and how you can beat them.

2.    Average Reviews and Ratings – this tool provides you mean value for the reviews and ratings of a product represented in numerical and graphical form.

3.    Access all data under one place – you can directly login to Chrome Extension from amazon page and get the entire detail including monthly sales and revenue of that particular product on amazon.

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