See How Amazon Summer Sale Was Profitable For Sellers


Many of you were aware that Amazon had a summer sale from 13th to 16th May.

During these four-days season sale, we witnessed massive sales on smartphones, kitchen related products, sports and fitness, electronics across varied price range, accessories and other consumer products. There was raining discounts and cashbacks for the customers.

WOW what a day it was for amazon sellers. Can be even called the JACKPOT moment.

We here were keeping eyes on most of the products and you will be glad to know the sales figures and also the sales difference of an ordinary day and the day of sale. The data we got has blown our mind. Imagine we know how much sales has happened with every products on amazon. Not included the sponsored listing or flash sale products.

We tracked products using our PRODUCT TRACKING TOOL and the results were amazing.

And more surprising were the numbers that will leave you shocked “the rise in sale figures during this period”.

See some mind blowing results –

  1. This product [B01GNX31US] an Electronic Digital Weighing Scale was having average sales of 544 over last one month, it got 2703 sales on the last day of sales which means that the business during these days was almost 5 times than the ordinary days.


2. Another best seller from Home & Kitchen category, this product [B01LWYDEQ7] a Handy Plastic Chopper, this is an ordinary chopper average daily sales of 843 and on 16th May he broke all record with犀利士
whopping 2690 sales in a single day.

3. Another best seller from Home & Kitchen category, this product [B01LWYDEQ7] a Plastic Spatula having average daily sales of 843 and on 16th May he broke all record with whopping 2690 sales in a single day.

4. Another product [B01I5AFWFO] Multipurpose Plastic Storage Racks were generating almost 20 sales daily but throughout the sale this figure was almost 5times.

5. A product from Electronics category [B06XSK3XL6] Dual Port having an average sale below 200 per day experienced a sharp hike in sales and reached to 1500+ sales resulting in rank improvement.

Which means even an average seller bagged thousands of sales resulting in handsome revenue. We saw that around 40% of the products that we were tracking also had a great boost in their sales and many of our members were also a part of this earning.

During this Summer Sale we tracked thousands of products and compiled a data of randomly selected 1000 products. We saw surprising sales figures and how the sales hiked throughout this period is right here. Complete data for a week from 11th May to 17th May shows the average sales difference and the results were amazing. The total sales of all these products was not even 15000 which was approximately 40000 during the sale.



How we did it?

AMZ blast makes the impossible, possible. We have designed exclusive tools for market place sellers so as to make earning easy for them. One of our tools called PRODUCT TRACKING was all the way scanning some products and by the end of this Summer Sale we saw certain shocking sales figure and thought of sharing with you all.

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