Exclusive Top 3 Products To Sell in 2020


Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity for the people who wants to start something of their own. You have your own brand, your own product, and margin. You are the sole owner of product.

Amazon India is launched is June 2013 and that time few people know about selling in amazon. There is a huge difference in terms of products, new categories, sellers and buyers. It’s an easy and quick process to register yourself as a seller without having your own eCommerce website. Amaz犀利士
on is the most powerful and Number 1 platform that sells everything started from books, toys, games, refurbished products, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and many more…

Right now Amazon has around 40 categories and millions of products are listed under these. There is some manufacturer, wholesalers, retailers who are going in Retail arbitrage(manufacturer brand), Generic brand, private label products. These sellers jump into a various category and all sellers want to be the Bestseller. Being on top is the dream of every seller which AMZ Blast helps to achieve them.

We have created video modules, tools and mentorship who guides you with all process. There are some tips and tricks which can make you on Top. It takes time, effort, hard work, and money. To make this process easy. we have worked on product selection. In this video, you will know about Parameters to select a product in 2020 and 3 top products that are profitable to sell.

Check out this video to know the complete guidance to launch product


Tips To be On top in 2020

  • Convert your hobby into profession :
    Are you someone who loves painting, clicking pictures, cook food, gadget-loving, gym freak, fashion designer then think of the products that you can easily make and motivates you. This will help you to enjoy the work you are doing.
  • Get the data of product: Before launching shortlist products that you can easily manufacture or import. Check the data like monthly sales, its competition, keyword volume, and sales movement. It will help you to analyze the right product which can make you sales.
  • Bring good quality products: Before buying any products check its quality. Quality products have less negative reviews and more positive. Negative reviews can impact your ranking and sales.
  • Check Your expenses:
    Calculate all your expenses include – product cost, transportation, GST, import duty, warehouse commission. Know how much you are making after deducting a commission.
  • Work on prelaunch steps:
    Build your audience. Work with influencers, bloggers, reviewers. Social media marketing is the main thing nowadays in 2020. Create FB ads, have proper images, content, and work on your brand.

In 2020 you have to think of creating your brand in amazon by launching multiple products. AMZ Blast helps new or exiting sellers to make their successful steps in amazon. Right product selection always makes the difference. If you have any queries mail us at hello@amzblast.com.

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