Top 10 Best Selling Products That You Can Sell In Amazon 2024


Launching Your Amazon Business: Top Products for 2024

Amazon hosts millions of products, and new sellers are constantly launching fresh items. To stand out in this competitive market, choosing the right product is essential. If you’re confused about selecting a product that can generate high sales, don’t worry! We’re here to reveal the top 10 products to launch during the festival sales of 2024. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, AMZ Blast can guide you through the Amazon business model, making your work smooth and efficient.

Overview of Selling on Amazon India in 2024

Amazon remains the number one eCommerce marketplace, allowing you to sell your products to customers worldwide. It provides a trusted selling platform with categories like home and kitchen, electronics, pet supplies, sports and fitness, toys, baby products, and many more. Check out this blog where we reveal the best categories to start your business.

Why Amazon?

  • Trusted Platform: Customers trust Amazon and happily purchase products in various categories.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Amazon stores your products in their warehouse, processes orders, packs, and ships them. In return, you pay a fee, and your products reach millions of customers globally.
  • Private Label Opportunities: Identify the right niche and use promotional strategies to build your own private label brand.

Exciting Developments in 2024

  • Faster Delivery Times: Over 7 billion Amazon items arrived the same day or the next day in 2023, with even faster delivery expected in 2024.
  • Increased Investment in India: Amazon is committing an additional $15 billion in India over the next 7 years, taking its total investment to $26 billion. This includes $12.7 billion from Amazon Web Services (AWS) by 2030.

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Steps to Selling On Amazon

1. Start with documentation :

Completing your legal documents is essential to start your business on Amazon. Apply for Goods and service tax identification number(GSTIN). Go with proprietorship firm. As most of seller who starts new go with proprietorship company registration.


It requires documents like PAN card, aadhar card, address proof(electricity bill), saving account- passbook page xerox.

Click here to know the registration of GST or GSTIN.

2. Find the best niche & products :

Start with going through Bestseller products on amazon. These products will provide you information about most selling products available in all categories.

Get some information about the product and start finding a manufacturer for the same. Before finalizing use AMZ blast Product research tools, Product tracker to know check data like Estimated monthly sales(EMS), Estimated monthly revenue(EMR), per day sales volume of product and many more.

4 Profitable Categories to Focus On 2024

  1. Home & Kitchen
    • Focus: Cleaning products and organizers
    • Demand: High
  2. Toys & Games
    • Focus: Soft toys and educational kits
    • Demand: High
  3. Pet Supplies
    • Growth: Rapidly increasing
    • Demand: High
  4. Home Improvement
    • Focus: Cleaning niche
    • Demand: High

Get More Info: Most Profitable Categories on Amazon

Parameters To Select A Product

  • Average product sale price between INR 300 and INR 2500
  • Not Dominated by any known Brand
  • The competitive category includes
  • Avoid Electronic Items at Initial Stages
  • Lightweight

3. Finding a manufacturer :

Finding a manufacturer or a genuine supplier for your product can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve ever tried to navigate platforms like Alibaba or Indiamart. It’s not uncommon to encounter unresponsive or unfriendly suppliers, and even when you do find one, the profit margins may not be satisfactory. This frustration can often lead to giving up on the process altogether.

Click here to know More About Supplier 

At AMZBlast, we understand the challenges of finding reliable suppliers. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for you.

Instant Supplier Solutions from AMZBlast

  • Simplified process for finding genuine suppliers
  • Over 50% of trending products and 90% of suggested products come with pre-vetted suppliers
  • Click “I am interested in this product” button to request supplier information
  • AMZBlast negotiates on your behalf for competitive prices
  • Ensuring quality products and optimal profit margins.

Contact Alibaba Manufacturer 

When contacting manufacturer from alibaba, please see below parameters


  •  Red Box – The company should be manufacturer, not trader. If its both then you can go ahead. In the company overview, you can see the company details.
  • Green Box – The supplier should be Gold Supplier from past 3 years at least.
  •  Blue Box – Look at response rate of manufacturer. It should be above 75%.

Some questions you can ask with manufacturer :

1. Do you offer samples and how much for them including FedEx, DHL to India zip code 110001 (change the code)?
2. Do you accept payment through PayPal for sample?
3. How much for my private label brand on product?
4. What is the cost per unit for 300 or 200 pieces (change the piece) and its shipping to my zip code 110001?
5. How much time it will take to manufacture product with my brand name?

4. Creating Listing and launching it

When you have products in your hand and quality seems ok then your next move is to create listing. Be relevant when you can creating your title, bullet points. See your competitor products and have something unique in your product that can make people jump into your product maybe some free gift. Work on images part and don’t waste too much time on listing as you can edit it in the future.

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There are some niches that are profitable to sell and you need to find yours. You can join our free 5 day course that help you to know about all amazon selling.

Top 10 Products to Launch on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho in 2024

1. Mini Magic Mop

  • Price on Amazon: ₹349
  • Profit Margin: Over 100% after commission and refunds
  • Ideal For: Low investment, high profit
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

2. Sunset Lamp Projector

  • Revenue Potential: Over ₹2 crore
  • Monthly Sales: 4,000-5,000 units
  • Daily Sales: Around 160 units
  • Supplier Cost: ₹180
  • Selling Price on Amazon: ₹599
  • Profit per Unit: Around ₹200
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

3. Silicon Gel Socks

  • Supplier Cost: ₹80
  • Selling Price on Amazon: ₹390
  • Profit per Unit: ₹150
  • Ideal For: High-profit listings
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

4. Mini Cooler

  • Revenue Potential: Over ₹5 crore
  • Monthly Sales: 4,000-5,000 units
  • Selling Price on Amazon: ₹1,000-₹1,300
  • Supplier Cost: ₹320
  • Profit per Unit: ₹400-₹500
  • Seasonal Peak: Summer
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

5. Moving Sand Art Picture

  • Sales Driver: Viral on social media
  • Competitive Edge: Low initial competition
  • Ideal For: Quick listing to capture sales
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

6. Water Spray Gun

  • Monthly Sales: Over 3,000 units
  • Supplier Cost: ₹65
  • Selling Price on Amazon: ₹389
  • Profit per Unit: ₹150
  • Ideal For: Low investment, high return
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

7. Data Cable Set

  • Supplier Cost: ₹85
  • Selling Price on Amazon: ₹489
  • Profit per Unit: Over ₹200
  • Ideal For: High-profit, low-investment products
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

8. Gap Cleaning Brush

  • Annual Revenue: ₹60 lakhs
  • Monthly Sales: 10k-15k units
  • Supplier Cost: ₹10
  • Daily Sales: 150-200 units
  • Ideal For: Home & kitchen categories
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

9. Electric Lice Removal Comb

  • Growth Driver: Power of social media
  • Competitive Edge: Low initial competition, high future potential
  • Ideal For: Early listing to capture sales
  • Get More Info: Visit AMZBlast

10. Oil Bottle

  • Product Pricing: Available for ₹499 on Amazon, but our supplier offers it for just ₹145.
  • Profit Potential: Expect over ₹150 profit per unit, even after accounting for Amazon’s commission, owing to the low procurement cost.

5 Strategies to Increase Sales

  1. Offer Best Pricing
  2. Check Product Quality
  3. Monitor Competitor Listings
  4. Avoid Copying Competitor Listings
  5. Focus on Image and Video Review

Get More Info: Best Strategies To Increase sales


Amazon Top Selling Product of 2023-2024


Posture corrector mainly targets your chest and shoulder muscles. Posture Corrector is a popular option for people that suffer from back pain along with poor posture.

So. when selling the product make sure you check the product quality as bad product may harm customers. There are different niche you can target with the same product.

Check out its EMS(Estimated monthly sales) and EMR(Estimated monthly revenue)

Keywords that you can target



This portable blender is convenient to use and carry. It is a water bottle and also a juicer. You just need to put the fruit into the bottle and press the switch, then it will auto stir and mix, so you can enjoy one cup of juice at any time and anywhere. You can make a protein shake, smoothie or healthy drink every day.

Check out it’s EMS(Estimated monthly sales) and EMR(Estimated monthly revenue)



Try with and there search ‘USB Portable Blender Juicer’.



The tripod’s three-way head allows for ultimate versatility. Easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape–and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion.

Simply choose the product that is useful with all the phone and can be easily used in a camera. Initial reviews with some PPC ads will make it on top pages.

Check out Product research screenshot with monthly sales and revenue-

Commission charged by Amazon

Fulfillment by amazon commission is around Rs.137 and Fulfilled by Merchant is Rs.53. Try to find a product within reasonable price with a quality product.


Nowadays it becomes a style statement if you have an indoor garden or have some greenery around you. For that Plant, stand is a good option as it comes in various decorative designs with different prices.  The stand can be carried to any location in your office, balcony, home, school or anywhere.

Keywords you can target :



Kids love toys and a product like bowling set makes them happy. This product made up of plastic with cartoon characters on it. You can add some free gift with this set to make it unique from another seller.

Category  – Toys and Games

Keywords you can target during PPC and use in title of products 

Suppliers/ Wholesaler

You can easily find supplier in Indiamart and locally in the nearby wholesale market. talk to all suppliers and must check the sample product.



Image result for earthan table lamp

This dome-shaped table glass lamp has a colourful glass crystal all over its body. Beautiful small and big flowers along with this crystal glass increase its beauty. Quality should be good and so as packaging. Its made of glass so better do good packaging so that product doesn’t get damaged.

Check out its Average Sales which is 50 in our live product tracker.

class=”aligncenter wp-image-73232 size-large” src=”×504.png” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”504″ />

Product research tool provides you estimated monthly sales (EMS), Estimated monthly revenue(EMR), Reviews, ratings, weight etc.

Let’s see the list of keywords you can target-


As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique. There is whole niche available in spice rack.

Niche you can target –


Commission charged by Amazon in case of FBM(fulfilled by merchant) FBA (fulfilled by amazon)



Check out Product research tool data :

In product tracker you can see it’s per day sales –

Keywords you can target in listing(title, bullet points, and lower area) and PPC ads –


Check out its competition using Chrome extension and on the first page you can definitely make at the top.




Festivals is round the corner and what makes everyone more happy is LED lights. There are multiple variations with same products and this is the best product required during wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other parties. Sell this products in this festival months and get margin.

See the niches for LED lights string. Curtain strings comes with heart shape, star shape, lights with pictures and many more.


See the screenshot of Product research tool and the sales will increase rapidly in festival sales.

See the keywords you can target using amz blast keyword research tool. Main keyword “Curtain string LED lights”

In alibaba you can easily find manufacturer who are willing to provide you products with reasonable price.



It’s a fact nowadays that people use their cell phone every time they visit the toilet. This multi-purpose shelf is a necessity in every bathroom. Customer wants to go for different designs and you can also manufacture these designs. Better you ask any manufacture to create multiple designs and go for niche.

Check out these niche and try to have similar kind of product in your amazon store.

Check out some keywords you can target in PPC(Pay Per click) or sponsored listing.


Hopefully, this post has answered most of your doubts related to product selection and how to sell on amazon. We have seen lost of potential in starting your amazon business and there are many ways you can be successful in this business. Still, have questions? Write down in the comments section and we would love to provide you feedback.

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