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In this blog, we’ll dive into our  series “Can You Sell Viral Products on Amazon?” where we analyze trending products from YouTube Shorts with millions of views to see if they can be successful on Amazon.

In Part 1:

  • We dissect trending YouTube Shorts with millions of views.
  • We analyze real Amazon listings for Herb Saver Pods, Carbend Inflatable Carpets, and Mini AC Coolers. ❄️
  • We reveal the secrets to beating the competition based on reviews, pricing, and more!

Part 1: Viral Products Analysis

Herb Saver Pod, Car Inflatable Sofa, Mini AC Cooler


1. Herb Saver Pod The Herb Saver Pod is a unique product designed to keep herbs fresh for a longer period. This product has gained significant attention due to its practical utility and sleek design. We checked its reviews, images, and pricing on Amazon to evaluate its potential.


2. Car Inflatable Sofa Next up is the Car Inflatable Sofa bed, a portable and comfortable seating option that’s easy to inflate and perfect for outdoor activities. With its growing popularity in YouTube Shorts, we assessed its competition and customer feedback on Amazon.


3. Mini AC Cooler for Home and Office The Mini AC Cooler is a compact and efficient cooling solution for small spaces, ideal for home offices. Given its virality, we explored its market presence on Amazon, looking at reviews, pricing, and competitive products.


Part 2: More Viral Products

Electronic Yogurt Maker, Chopper/Mandoline Slicer, Stanley Cup


1. Electronic Yogurt Maker With 3 million views on YouTube Shorts, the Electronic Yogurt Maker is a convenient kitchen gadget for making homemade yogurt. We examined its Amazon listings to understand its competitive edge and customer reception.

2. Chopper or Mandoline Slicer This kitchen tool, featured in a video with 18 million views, is essential for quick and efficient food preparation. We analyzed its Amazon performance, including reviews and pricing, to gauge its market potential.



3. Stanley Cup or Cup with Lid and Straw Lastly, the Stanley Cup, which has garnered 19 million views, is a popular item for its functionality and stylish design. We reviewed its Amazon listings to determine if it stands out among other similar products.



By analyzing these viral products, we aim to provide valuable insights for sellers on Amazon. Our detailed evaluation helps sellers understand the potential and challenges of introducing these trending items to the market.

While viral products can spark interest, sustainable success on Amazon requires more.

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