Why Private Label is Key of Success ? How To Get 10-20 Sales a Day[Hindi]


Want To Achieve 20 Sales a Day? Go for Private Label

Online entrepreneurship is still in the nascent stage in India but with a prediction of explosive growth in near future, it is slated to be the next big thing. If you are reading this piece of article, most certainly you have decided to explore the online business segment.

However, online business comes with its own set of challenges.

Once you decide to enter into online marketplaces, the foremost challenge is product and category selection and the biggest temptation you feel is to go with established brands. They have a well-settled brand, standing in the market and of course, they get sold but all that is shiny is not gold. There are serious repercussions of going with a branded product and beginners should avoid it at all costs.

Let’s explore why should we prefer private label product over a branded one?

Why Should You Avoid Branded Products?

When we start our journey as an Amazon seller, we feel desperate to make huge profit in a very less time and this leads us to start selling branded products. That is where beginners make a grave mistake. The disadvantages of selling a branded product are:

  • You will never be able to create your own brand and own identity.
  • There will literally be hundreds of sellers selling the same branded products therefore the sale volume will be very less or even negligible.
  • Even if you manage to sell some units, the margin will be too less because of huge competition and too many sellers.
  • Direct competition from the manufacturing company makes the competition even tougher.

Why should you go for Private Label?

If you are an absolute beginner, generally you have fewer resources and risk potential. If you go after brands, you are not likely to get visibility because there are already thousands of sellers selling the same product.

For example, if you decide to sell bottles of ‘Milton’, there are already hundreds of sellers selling ‘Milton’ bottles. How would you get visibility? Even if you manage to sell one or two bottles, it is not sustainable in the long run and very bad for your motivation.

If you are a beginner, you have an opportunity to create your own brand and earn greater returns which is not the case in branded products. We advise you to start small and move up the ladder gradually. Once you start selling a 犀利士
good number of products every day, you can further diversify in terms of products and inventory to enhance your returns.

How to Achieve 10-20 sales a Day?

Let us discuss the ingredients of online success using a private label-

  • Go away from the already crowded categories and huge competitive sectors like clothing and apparel.
  • Choose categories with less competition where you can start with one or two products, launch your own label and grow it gradually.
  • Always list your product in the right category. For example, some sellers have listed cricket leather balls in electronics category.
  • Stick to one or two products for a while and achieve success in that for gaining confidence. Diversify only when you have achieved sales in one or two categories.
  • List your products whole heartedly. Upload best quality pictures in enough number. It greatly helps in having an edge over your competitors.
  • Highlight specifications and features of the product in enough bullet points so that customers can judge the product completely.

Words of Wisdom

Whenever you start an online business, you start with all the enthusiasm but sometimes, your product is not able to achieve sales. However, business works like that. In such a scenario, you should not give up.

Work on the shortcomings of your product, work on listing, marketing of product and manage the reviews but don’t quit犀利士
. You can even make use of the PRT (Product Research Tool) of AMZ blast for greater insights. That is the key to success. This way, you can definitely achieve 10-20 sales or beyond in the chosen product category.


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