Success Story : How Milon built Amazon Business Worth a CRORE…


A Journey from a Scientist to a Successful Entrepreneur:

This Amazon Seller was in a search of side business along with his job. AMZBlast strategies have helped him to earn passive income and also to become a successful entrepreneur. His turnover is in CRORES in last three years.


Meet Milon – A Scientist who is doing research on cancer, studying in UK. So, He was looking for some extra income. He is basically from Kolkata and doesn’t have any business background. It was a tough situation for him to find a better way of side earning.


In 2020 when people are thinking what to do or are online selling is good for them, Milon who started his journey somewhere in 2017 with a single product now has 1 crore turnover in last six months and near about 21 lacs turnover in a month. He also launched his first product in US Marketplace.



How he started his journey with AMZBlast?

Well, it was 2017 when Milon found AMZBlast through youtube. He completes the training modules and then after that he starts searching for the product with the help of mentors. He completed all the documentation mandatory like GST, Import Export certificate and trademark.


Year of Selling 2017

Initial Investment : 25,000

Category : Sports and Fitness

Stock Purchased : 100 pcs


His initial Investment was around 25000 and now he invests money in lakhs with his own private label products. Started with Sports and Fitness category. Got first order within 4 days of starting business. His reaction :


“We were so excited that we couldn’t imagine how we just sold a product to a person who lives thousands of km away from us.”


So, now his actual journey or journey as a seller starts from 2017 with the first order. Within four days of starting business he got his first order from Kerala and it provides him confidence as well as happiness.

As Milon currently is in UK so his brother Palash helps in all parts of online selling be it research of product, supplier.



Palash has now all the expertise that are required for this business. He has a degree masters in computer application (MCA) and didn’t go for a corporate job as we can clearly see that there is huge potential in this eComm business. We would like to expand our brand and business.

Milon estimated that he spends only 2 to 3 hrs. in a day for amazon business and still earning a full-time income. Milon has shared some screenshot of this selling this year.


Year of Selling: 2020

Investment : More than 10 lakh

Category : Sports and Fitness, many others..

Stock Purchased: In Bulk

Future Aim: Global Selling & Start Business Full Time


“I have done over 2 corers INR business so far this year. I  plan to add a new product to our inventory every 1-2 months. Moreover, I  recently launched our first product in US marketplace”



In the last six months (May 2020 to Nov 2020) his turnover is approx. one crore and in the month ( Nov 2020 ) it is near about 21 lacs which is clearly shown in the figure.



 Every successful people has defined goals and they work on them to accomplish it. At the same time, every unsuccessful people has goal around their head and they just carry it on with them and keep it as fantasy. Unless you work on it, it will never become reality.


Find out how he has begun his seller journey and made profit using AMZBlast services. Here are some questions we have asked Milon about his journey with AMZBlast.


1. When did you first find out about online selling? How much time do you take to join AMZBlast?

⇒ At the beginning of 2017, I was looking for an alternative source of income that I could do along with my daily job. Then I came across with AMZBlast. I subscribed to it sometime in February 2017 and went through all the video modules multiple times to make the foundation strong. I launched my first product in August 2017.


2. Did training videos help to understand the Amazon business model? Have you used a Research tool for selecting a product?

⇒ Yes, certainly. It explained all the necessary steps that you have to go through, starting from documentation, product research, to find suppliers and shipping methods. For the first product, I didn’t use product research tool as it was not existing at that time. But I always use it since it’s inception.


3. What was your initial investment and which category have you selected?

⇒ I started with 100 pcs of sports goods (Sports and Fitness). I spent around 25000 INR on this including all cost.


4. Tell us about your first product launched and how does it feel to get first order?

⇒ We launched our first product on 15th August and received our first order on 19th August. We are from Kolkata, and we got our first order from Kerala. We were so excited that we couldn’t imagine how we just sold a product to a person who lives thousands of km away from us.

I still remember, my mother was watching TV and my brother went to her and told her that “Are you watching TV? Do you know what just happened? We have got our first order in Amazon from Kerala.” We were all so excited.


5. How did you promote your product? Do you work on giveaways, PPC ads, and social media platforms?

⇒ We giveaway several units at the beginning, 30-40 units, sometimes more. As soon as we have some initial 5-6 reviews, we start PPC ads. Social media ads didn’t work well for me, maybe I didn’t spend enough time there. But PPC campaign is always good enough.


6. In 2020 how much business you’ve done so far and what about your plans?

⇒ We have done over 2 crores INR business so far this year. We plan to add a new product to our inventory every 1-2 months. Moreover, we recently launched our first product in US marketplace.


7. What would you tell someone who’s considering AMZBlast? Will you recommend our product to a friend, relative, or colleague?

⇒ Certainly, I am so grateful to AMZBlast, I couldn’t explain in words. It was really a game-changer for me. I would recommend anyone.


8. Lastly, As per your experience do you think the corona pandemic has affected online business?

⇒ It has affected a lot, especially the shipping and customs clearance become a nightmare. But slowly we are optimizing these steps. We started to sell some Indian products as well.


9. There are many services available for online selling so why did you consider AMZBlast specifically amongst others?

⇒ I think, when I started Amazon business, I found only AMZBlast, I didn’t even look for anything else. So, I have no idea if an alternative was existing at that time.


10. Any suggestion to a seller who wants to start or grow business in 2020?

⇒ If you have an interest and passion to do something in life and your family, this would be a game-changer for you. Remember this is my part-time business, I give 1-2 hours a day. I am now planning to quit my job next year and give full time and expand the business. So just go for it, get yourself educated through the videos and mentorship program. Remember, every successful people has defined goals and they work on them to accomplish it.

And mentorship program has the power to make your fantasy into reality. There might be many people telling you that Amazon’s business doesn’t work. But always li犀利士
sten to the people who have been successful in this business.

Take suggestions from people of right mindset. If you have a proper mindset and mentorship, you will certainly reach your goals.


What is AMZBlast and how it helps seller to start this journey?

AMZBlast mission is to provide best and powerful data to help the entrepreneurs and provide them guidance that how to grow a successful business on AMAZON.

AMZ Blast provides is valuable service since 2016, and guided many beginners and existing sellers through their well-designed training videos. In this training video, they will get knowledge about each step of amazon selling.

The product tracker tools with the updated data provide sellers with product sales of competitors of a day. The seller will get accurate data and will also know what to launch a product on amazon.

The team of AMZblast is well experienced who has answers for your every doubt. Their frequent guidance and interactive session are very helpful for learning the complete process of selling.

The specially designed tool keyword research will help the seller to increase the sale of the products and give a place on the first page of amazon among the other seller. The updated tools and mentorship are making seller’s journey very easy on amazon marketplace.

If you visited AMZBlast , then you don’t need to go anywhere for anything.

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